Market Research

Successful businesses conduct research on a continual basis…

Established in 1999, this service was offered to meet the rising demand from the Group’s new and existing clients’ need for ICT resources, networks, market intelligence and digital marketing, enabling rapid expansion into regional and global markets.

Escalating competition, demanding consumers, and accelerating changes are forcing Malaysian companies to re-evaluate how they do business, the types of products and services they choose to offer and how quickly they must bring their products and services to regional and global markets.

 This service offers specialised market research and intelligence consulting for our national manufacturers and Made in Malaysia consumer products, who wish to establish regional and global markets. 

Prestige services include:

•  Global Market Research
•  Competitive Market Intelligence
•  Topographical, Psycho-graphical & Statistical data
•  Data Translation and Interpretation
•  Brand & Corporate Positioning
•  B2B, B2G & B2C e-commerce programmes
•  Digital Marketing

The deliverables are two-fold: 1) Achieving strategic Market Intelligence to meet client’s objectives via a timely, cost effective methodology. 2) Managing client’s Internet presence, digital marketing and e-commerce strategies. Prestige will only implement the most advanced, proven and measurable ICT.

Discerning Opportunities

Providing Strategies

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