Government Relations

The Government welcomes the assistance of private sector companies in building pillars for a knowledgeable and resilient Malaysian society.

This is essentially a combination of liaison work and intelligence gathering when implementing programmes or community events that benefit the rakyat (populace) with various Ministries depending on the nature of the programme.

Over the past decade Prestige has undertaken work for various ministries including opinion research, publicity programmes, production/editorial of various publications and training of department heads/staff. More recently, with the Malaysia Leadership & Strategy Foundation (YKSM), a think-tank organisation, Prestige served the office of Chief Secretary to the government on its KPI, with the aim to improving the public delivery system.

Beginning in 2009, Prestige assisted the Department of Heritage in the Ministry of Unity, Culture, Art and Heritage with a media awareness programme of the National Heritage Sites.

Discerning Opportunities

Providing Strategies

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